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Stealth Fighter      
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Jehovah First - After burners busrt
forward marching with momentum
and there's no reverse

One Pilot headed north at
1200 kilometers per hour

Feel the threat of nuclear showers

Raining down on emcees
They won't have the stamina
Taking pictures
with infrared cameras

How long do you think you can sleep?
How long before a fleet of Humvees
and jeeps creep

Within fighting range
Making you feel strange -
like the Doctor

The countdown continues...
I'mma rock ya!

Like babies in a cradle

More than One drop,
cause the Rasta thought
his boss said "dropper"!

Acid leaks,
cover charred bodies with sheets.

The mission is almost complete.

Radar detection,
Rhyme perfection,
Underground connections.
Fixed elections.

Attack mode, munitions explode,

what was the last roller coaster you rode?

We're headed down a different road.
In the future who knows
how the story will be told.

Maximum output on twin Turbofans
and jet like 747's.
Most emcees when they die
probably won't go to heaven.

Twelve non-stop hours dueling,
in-flight refueling,
weapons systems needs retooling;

Trust me:

                    I know exactly what I'm doing!

                    The enemy is pursuing…

Air Combat simulations
prepare fighter pilots
for hostile confrontations.

Precisely this kind of situation.
I'm honored to defend the nation…

The United Freestyle Federation!

Advanced offensive tactics
from the big heart of a hip hop romantic.
The Fifth ("Mr. Nitti") Fantastic!

My high altitude flight dynamics
causes severe damage, civil rampage,
shatters opposing emcees
like porcelain ceramics.

Chess Grand Master focus
and superior play- allows me to yield an insurmountable advantage.

Quick reflex maneuvers,
downloaded media,
networks of street-educated
end users.

Research your memory,
you don't and can't see me,

Have no way to ID….

the threat approaching from due east!

South of New (York) Mecca,
more beef than double-deckers,
Rescue the selecta!

Dj's too in danger -
from the foreign stranger.

Masked man.
Oxygen reserves to expand...
the lungs.

Lyrics are flung...

like Zeus's boomerang.
The force of a one man gang!

Firepower, High Powers,
Not Austin Powers ---

No mini me

On the contrary………..
One Giant Emcee - Make rappers flee

their homes, their turntables,
speakers, mixer
and cordless microphones!

Emcees wish they hadda practiced.
They getting dropped like an actress.

Not onto the casting couch;
or onto a cast member's mattress.

More like the ring's canvas.

Make it plain:
the Show's canceled!

Off the air.
Blown out of the air.

"I swear, two seconds ago
it was just right here!"

Now missing from radar.

How do you like
my freestyle so far?

I'm off the chain
like snatched medallions.
F. Nitti eats pasta with Italians.

Part of an International coalition,
to perpetuate
the next golden edition
of coded transmission

in hip hop diction!

[ end ]

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