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Stealth Fighter PT II
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"Stealth Fighter"     

* * * * *   Understand, 
I'm like the blinding sand,
The rugged side of the mountain
in Afghanistan,

West of neighboring Pakistan,

Phat like the equator,
going against the flow
on the down escalator,

Stealth like Al Queda,

More kinetic power
than tumbling twin towers.

It's ground zero -
and the air of thunder showers

When it rains - it pours. 
Pain; and more than before.

Guess who's knocking at the door?

Vampires need an invitation.

I (pause)... What do I need (?)...

Just motivation!

So, what's the stimulation
for this occasion?

Politics, Polly tricks,   
Moving on to Dick,...
Kent University.

Hotter than hell, but no degrees?!

Can you feel me?   

Negro Please!

I make you wish you were an
al'Queda soldier and the
Bush administration capture you.....

then let the rhyme animal,
highly grammatical
come off of rap sabbatical
and get after you.

I got some Jack (Daniels) and a fluzzy;
a hot tip on my Uzi.

A stupid Mother Focker up ahead
trying to lose me.
Wanna get home and
watch my DVD movie.

See how cool - cool can be....
in front of the flat screen t.v.

Lyrical dreams like high beams.
Holla and scream
through your mind scheme.

Rip away at the seams.......
of your understanding.

Life is so demanding.

Demeaning, means defeated.
Your Stock pile soon depleted.

The music stops you remain unseated.

Feel cheated.

Situation gets heated.

Who needs it.

Instigators smile like Jesus.

Opportunity for Greed
breeds consequential deeds.

But, follow my lead
to the prospect,

Watch me jet like Lear....
          and the skies are clear....

            my throat to the next quote.

It keeps hope afloat,
cause I ain't no joke . . .

Who's laughing, waves crashing
Up against the shore line -

I'm fine.

Kept warm by a philosopher's line.

Emerson said...

"Do the thing
        and You shall have the power"

Now I have to take a shower.

Perspiration, Determination
Amplification of the vocalization.


What force are you facing?

Negative or Positive?    

Give what you gotta give.

[ end ]

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