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For B'Thorough "MySun"

As I walk down the street,
my feet strike the concrete.

Duracells propel
the motordrive of my walkman.

People are walking and talking;
hawkers are stalking.

My volume’s on ten;
my mind swims like a dolphin.

The beat is a pool
      and it’s deep so I dive in.

A big splash - and it’s “Flash”.
A whirlpool as the wax spins.
Sound waves bends and blends, and condescends.
Filling your cup and won’t stop
till you say “When”.

Your cup runneth over –
indulge like Casanova.
Bash in the rhyme
that brings to mind...
a super nova.

Remove your shades.
No harm in a glaze.
Brings warmth to your heart
and sets your soul ablaze.

Some call it this… call it that…
call it "Whack".
Call it the voice of the black…
and yeah, I like that.

the bass goes "boom"
and the snares go "tap"
the hi-hats sounds like
"tich, tich, tich,...... tich,

It's the beat of the street
and the turn of the wheels of steel
from brother to brother
much has been revealed.

"How you feel", how you deal,
how you kneel and appeal...
to the Creator to make it better
in a world that is so unreal

Policeman's sheild
telling you to "Be Still!"
It's ill but you chill
unless you want to be killed.
Didnt' steal, but you peel
to show that nothing's concealed.
The strive in our life
is thicker than oatmeal.

Some look amazed and dazed
when reading the front page.
Puzzling like a maze
but an everyday

thing for some
to see someone,
yeilding a gun,

For work, for fun,
for some, for none,
"For goodness sakes My Son,
Tell me... What have you done?!"

It's cats who have 9 lives.
You have only 1 .
So be finicky.
Stray when trouble comes.
Or if not, get locked in a dungeon.

Now you've come along
to run the marathon.
The road is steep,
uphill and its quite long.
for 24 7, your name is a sad song.
The store's right around the corner.
But further than Hong Kong.

Another runner, another number,
another wonders what happened
to the joy of past summers.

Oh what a bummer,
now feelin dumber.
Negative thoughts
pound the skull like thunder.

When did it all change.
Please stop the migraine.
A victim of no gain.
Loser of this game.

Feel the pain in my brain.
Am I going insane -
its clear skies above
but rain on my windowpane.

And where is my rainbow(?)
where did my dreams go(?)
so many woes
it's coming like stereo.

All around me - tryin to drown me.
I wanna sail on a sea of tranquility.
But poverty has seized me
and has squeezed me.

The rent takes my money
and my home takes my diginity.

Drugs is a way out.
or should I say way in?!
Depends on who sellin,
and what fool is payin.
What am I sayin?!

My mind is playin...
tricks on me...

I have eyes I can see
that dead or in jail
is not where I wanna be;

Even worse,
a threat to humanity.
So much blame
I place on society.

Sometimes I feel
like myself is the enemy.

I fight insanity

in my reality.

What is this place
doing to my mentality?

As I walk
down the street.

As you requested Dear Son...
published/uploaded for you.

Happy Birthday B'Thorough
I Love You

daddy : )

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(c) 1994, 2016   by the artist 'one flower'
aka J Frank James